Boarding Facilities

Here at Mang’u our dormitories are of exceptional quality. The students will reside in very spacious dorms and they are ensured to recharge peacefully for the next day. The students in the dorms are always safe as they are guarded by guards and some teachers who will patrol throughout the night and will also be available in case of an emergency. There are 14 dormitories one of which the student will be assigned during admissions day and they will rotate throughout the dorms during their stay at the school. This gives them a chance to interact with a wide group of people and also experience the difference between the older-style dorms and the newer-style dorms. Each of the dorms has the four classes to enhance unity and also help the underclasses learn a few things from their older brothers. The twenty dorms are:

  • Ronald Ngala
  • Schneider
  • Kimathi
  • Kenyatta
  • Tom Mboya
  • Father Edwards
  • Old Boys
  • Cardinal Otunga
  • Archbishop Ndingi
  • Brother Raymond
  • Muhoho 1 and 2
  • Michuki 1 and 2
  • Cardinal Njue 1 and 2
  • Uhuru 1, 2,3 and 4

The dorms are usually kept clean by the students themselves and they are  cleaned every morning throughout the week and on Saturdays there is a competition for the cleanest dorms which the students participate in enthusiastically. As for showering there are multiple stalls with cold showers but the option of a hot bath is available and students who wish to use it must liaise with the school administration.

There are also washrooms available and in each dorm there is a captain and a junior dorm captain who will be in-charge of the students welfare in the dorm and will cater for all their needs.

The students will be provided with metallic beds of mattress size (150 x 225) which will usually be provided at the school during admissions day but can also be bought through the finance office if necessary.

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