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Mang'u High School::Home

The school policy rotates around hard work in the conformity with the school motto of "jishinde ushinde", a call for self conquest and self discipline. The school for the first time broke the national record by becoming number one national wide. Mang’u high school was the first to introduce aviation as an examinable subject in the country.

School Anthem (In Swahili) - Melody borrowed from Tanzania National Anthem

Mungu ibariki Mang’u High,
Ibariki viongozi wake,
Katika michezo masomo,
Mang’u High tuwe washindi,
Mang’u High na watu wake,

Ibariki, Mang’u High!
Ibariki, Mang’u High na watu wake,
Mang’u High tuwe washindi!

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